Visitor Management Software Update

We believe in offering our customers the best quality products and services that we can, so we are constantly looking for enhancements to be made to our software, as well as incorporating customer requests wherever possible.

The most recent update to our Self Service Visitor Management app (available for iOS and Android) extends the ability of the system to address the needs of ad-hoc visitor management.

  • Returning visitors who are attending ad-hoc, i.e. without a booked appointment, can retrieve their details by simply entering their email address. The only new information they need to input is the planned duration of their visit and which company they are visiting.
  • If your business does not need or require visitors to book in advance, then you can now change the settings of the Self Service Visitor Management app to only process ad-hoc visits. This is done by changing the theme.
  • A fix was also applied, to ensure that when visitors press the Return key the software will automatically move to the next question in checking in and out process.

Our Self Service Visitor Management app requires the following prerequisites:

  • Microsoft’s Internet Information Services, version 7.0, 7.5 or 10.0 (or a similar web server product, i.e. Apache).
  • A compatible version of Tensor SSM.
  • Any edition of a compatible version of Tensor.NET registered with WinMCVS and SSM serial numbers.
  • A mobile device running Android version 8.0 (Oreo).or above
  • A mobile device running IOS version 11.3 or above.
  • An account to download the Android app from Google Play or an account to download the iOS app from the iTunes Store.

If you’re interested in optimising your visitor management and creating a smooth check-in procedure, please contact us or book a demo for more information.