Update: Self-Service Visitor Management App

What is the Self-Service Visitor Management App (SSVM)?

If there is no reception area in your workspace, or if there is not a designated receptionist to man it, we can offer you the SSVM. This enables visitors to check themselves in for appointments using a touchscreen. This can send an email directly to the person who will be hosting them.

Facial Recognition support also enables increased security. The ‘unmanned’ system prompts visitors to Check In or Out against a pre-planned appointment or book an ad hoc one, while in the same time notifying their hosts and automatically enrolling the visitor onto the organization’s visitor management system.

This means that you are kept up to date and there can be no ambiguity about visitor location. This is helpful both for security purposes and for health and safety issues such as a fire alarm.

A history of checks performed and acknowledged is also recorded for audit purposes.

We believe in offering our customers the best quality products and services that we can, so we are constantly looking for enhancements to be made to our software, as well as incorporating customer requests wherever possible.

These two updates both came about as a result of feedback from our customers.

How has it been updated?

  1. Check IN – a change has been made to the button text when automatic check INs are allowed. The text now reads “Submit and Check IN,” on the button provided when submitting the completed questionnaire.
  2. Ad hoc appointments – a new previously visited setting has been added to the messages section. It can be used to customise the “Have you visited previously?” message displayed to ad hoc visitors. Values between 1 (24 hours) and 60 (days) may be entered in the theme to show a message such as “Have you visited in the last 5 hours / 14 days?”

Self Service Visitor Management App Requirements

This product requires the following prerequisites:

  • Microsoft’s Internet Information Services, version 7.0, 7.5 or 10.0 (or a similar web server product, ie Apache).
  • A compatible version of Tensor SSM.
  • Any edition of a compatible version of Tensor.NET registered with WinMCVS and SSM serial numbers.
  • A mobile device running Android version 9.0 (Pie) or above OR a mobile device running IOS version 11.3 or above.
  • An account to download the Android app from Google Play OR an account to download the iOS app from the iTunes Store. Search for “Tensor SSVM” to find the app.
  • Configuration changes to the user organisation’s DNS, or the allocation to tablets of static IP addresses, must be made to allow app connectivity.