Travel agency strikes deal for home-working franchise firm

Independent travel agency Hays Travel has expanded with the acquisition of Explorer Travel, a home working franchise company.

For Hays Travel, the new acquisition was said to be an ideal fit with its home working model which has seen many individuals progress to become successful independent businesses as part of the Hays Travel Independence Group.

70 franchisees of Explorer Travel have joined the Hays Travel Group while owner Steve Wood is leaving the travel industry to pursue other interests.

Hays Travel currently has more than 350 colleagues working in its home working division.

The Explorer franchise model provides a stepping stone between the traditional home working model and an Independence Group member.

Dame Irene Hays, owner of Hays Travel, said: “John and I always thought Explorer was a great business and I was delighted when Steve approached me once he decided to leave travel to do other things.

 “We have had a very good first meeting with the franchisees and we’re looking forward to helping them grow their businesses and to recruiting more people into our latest franchise model in due course.”

Steve Wood added: “I am delighted to have handed over Explorer Travel to Hays Travel. I have admired John and Irene’s business ethos over the years and feel, now that I’d like to move on, that Hays offers the best place for Explorer’s franchisees to help their businesses grow.”


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