Over 75% of UK’s tech specialists ready to go abroad for work, new survey finds

An overwhelming majority of technology specialists currently working in the UK would be willing to move abroad in search for work should the conditions on the local market worsen or should they be offered better growth opportunities and packages, a recent survey has been able to suggest.

The largest ever global study of tech and digital workers, surveying 27,000 experts by management consultancy, Boston Consulting Group and leading UK job board Totaljobs as part of global talent hub The Network, has suggested that three out of four UK tech workers (75%) are willing to relicate overseas.

Digital experts are among the most in-demand workers but due to the transferable nature of tech skills, they are also among those most prepared to relocate, compared to only 61% of non-tech workers who would be willing to make the move overseas.

UK tech talent’s inclination to move abroad for work is similar to that of digital experts based elsewhere, with two-thirds of the global tech workforce admitting they’re prepared to move. While London may be the tech industry’s favoured city, the UK on the whole is less attractive than its capital and must continue to compete with other markets in order to recruit and retain the digital experts who are crucial to the country’s economic development.

The study highlights the key factors that the UK digital workforce are looking for in a job. Most important is a healthy work-life balance (1st), followed by good relationships with their peers (2nd) and with their managers (3rd). The research shows workers are more concerned with wellness and human interaction while at work over financial compensation which was ranked less important (5th).

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