New App – Fire Roll Call

The fire roll call feature of our integrated attendance and access management system is now available as an app.

This enables fire marshals or other designated people to view exactly who is off or on site during a fire alarm drill or evacuation, and to update the list in real-time.

This replaces checking a paper based register; it is faster, more efficient and more reliable.

Organisations can either:

  • use the app as a direct replacement to the paper register, by booking people out from the assigned fore roll call point,
  • or they can monitor the progress of employees and visitors checking themselves off-site using a designated scanner some distance from the building as a muster point.

To use this app, you must already have Tensor.NET and the Self Service Visitor Module registered and configured. (See the bottom of this article for the specific version numbers required.)

The app provides real-time lists of who is off-site or on-site, including visitors and contractors if the Monitoring Contractor and Visitor System is configured.

Full contact details for every person on the list are available, including name, telephone numbers, photographic image and the time and status of their last site booking.

The resident site and department is shown for employees, and the visitor company and appointment host details are shown for visitors.

The app user can immediately contact personnel by voice call or email using live links in their contact details.

From the app, the user can

  • book a person OFF site
  • update the status of booked off personnel at clocks and access controllers
  • search for individual people based on all or part of their surname.
  • browse the personnel allocated to any fire point available within their assigned site.
  • filter the on-site/offsite lists by type; employee, visitor, contractor or visiting employee.

Technical Requirements for Fire Roll Call app:

  • Microsoft’s Internet Information Services, version 7.0, 7.5 or 10.0 (or a similar web server product, i.e. Apache).
  • A compatible version of Tensor SSM.
  • Any edition of a compatible version of Tensor.NET registered with SSM and Mobile FRC serial numbers.
  • A mobile device running Android version 9.0 (Pie).or above, or a mobile device running iOS version 11.3 or above.
  • An account to download the Android app from Google Play or an account to download the iOS app from the iTunes Store.
  • Configuration changes to the user organisation’s DNS must be made to allow Internet connectivity.

To discuss the app further, please get in touch today.