How Businesses Can Successfully Manage Remote Onboarding

manage remote onboarding

In a recent report by HR News where 1,000 UK-based employees were surveyed, findings showed that, of those who started a new job remotely between March 2020 and February 2021, only 15% had an “excellent” onboarding experience. The remaining 85%? Little to be desired.

Along with the obvious issues of being sent the wrong equipment (if any) to processes and training being rushed, new employees stressed the inability to make connections and relationships with their fellow co-workers. Along with losing one of the main enjoyments of joining a new business, first impressions were inexplicably tarnished.

As a result, this statistic actually raises a bigger question: are businesses doing enough to help welcome new employees, and, in new remote-working times, how are they realistically keeping on top of this ever-changing dilemma?

Onboarding with workforce management systems

Workforce management solutions such as Tensor’s Time and Attendance Systems are a fantastic range of software that can be fully utilised to help the transition of a new employee to your business, as well as assist in the onboarding process. Clear, concise scheduling, a well-devised plan of introductions, training, learning, exploration and general converse can be documented, tracked and adhered to.

From a business perspective, the ability to see a new starter logged-in serves as a great premise to building trust and knowing they are reliable and working the agreed-upon hours. We always like to stress, this is not watching every individual in order to catch them out, it’s providing a business with the bigger picture of how departments run and how employees like to work.

Alongside this, the ability to allow new starters access to the calendars and schedules of others sees when co-workers are available to talk and get familiar with whom is in their team or department. Offering transparency, we feel, is essential to building trust both ways.

Time and attendance systems 

We’re here to help welcome your business into a new era of working. Time and attendance software helps bridge the gap between working in the office and remotely, keeping everything manageable and in order. 

The likes of Self Service Module offers extensive tools that cater for every business — including those that implement flexible working for their remote workers and general maintenance for those who work from home. So no matter how you wish to work post-COVID, a quick discussion with us can see you carry on with a brand new approach, but business as usual.

If you have any interest in learning more about our range of time and attendance systems or would like to book a demo, feel free to contact us, click the Book a Demo link below, or leave a message for one of our team to reach out and get in touch.