It’s not Big Brother!

It is very easy for people to demonise time and attendance systems.

They assume that the sole purpose and function of this monitoring is to nit-pick employee timekeeping.

But a time and attendance system is merely a tool. What matters is what the purchasing company prioritises and how they choose to use it.

Monitoring vs Automation

It is possible to use a time and attendance system to closely monitor your workers. This may be necessary in certain industries, such as fast food and call centres, or if you suspect your employees of committing wage theft. Our biometric hardware enables an instant and reliable record of individual employee timekeeping, so that any deception is thwarted immediately.

However, the system can also be viewed as automation of a much-hated administrative task. It reduces the amount of time that payroll data takes to process by a significant amount compared to the hassle of paper timesheets. There is no need for staff to chase down missing sheets anymore, or to worry over difficult handwriting or confusing entries.

Sickness Absence vs Health and Safety

Monitoring sickness absences enables managers to spot not only potential malingerers, thanks to the inbuilt Bradford Factor in the software, but also to identify building problems with presenteeism before this can ruin team morale.

Knowing exactly when your employees have clocked in and out of the building is also very useful for health and safety, especially if the fire alarm sounds. Here, the attendance data can be generated into an up-to-date register of who is still on site during an emergency situation.

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