International Bakery Installs Time and Attendance System to Improve Staff Management

time and attendance

Fosters Bakery, based in South Yorkshire, is an international supplier of bakery goods. With over 130 employees responsible for producing first-class bakery products for pubs, restaurants and airports (to name a few) around the world, Fosters Bakery wanted a Time and Attendance System that would allow them to better manage their staff.

In the tail end of 2019, the HR Manager at Fosters Bakery was looking for a Time and Attendance System that ticked all of the boxes. She said, “When I joined the company, they were using a lot of different systems; one for Holidays, one for Payroll and so on. My aim was to try and get all of the systems under one umbrella, which Tensor allowed us to do”. 

She added, “It’s just easy-to-use! It’s very user friendly and it does what it says it does on the tin”.

A Time and Attendance System you can trust

Installing a Time and Attendance System will take your Staff Management to the next level. Not only will it make the lives of your HR department easier and streamline the day-to-day workload, but an Attendance System will also help employees to understand their clock in times for payday, easily book holidays as well as give an accurate and honest recording of their working hours for Payroll.

Our Time and Attendance System will save you time and money on HR procedures thanks to its automatic data processing and payroll export features where employee attendance data is instantly exported to payroll packages. 

Smart Card Clocking System

We offer both Biometric Time and Attendance Systems (see below) as well as Smart Card Clocking In Machines. Our Clocking Systems offer a fast and straightforward method for employees to clock in and out of shifts. 

The use of Smart Cards is particularly useful as for businesses with a high turnover of staff, such as manufacturing sites or warehouses, then a Smart Card can be recycled and re-assigned to a new employee. Not only this, but Smart Card Time and Attendance can be used to restrict access into certain areas for members of staff who are unauthorised to enter.

Biometric Attendance System

As mentioned above, we also offer technically advanced Biometric Time and Attendance Systems. These include Fingerprint Time and Attendance and Facial Recognition Time and Attendance

Biometric Systems ensure your business/organisation is ahead of the curve. Fingerprint Recognition Time and Attendance, as well as Facial Recognition, guarantees that the said employee is present when clocking in. Biometric Time and Attendance completely eradicates buddy-punching and ensures the most accurate employee clock in times. This is not only an advantage for employers and HR departments but it also means a more accurate payroll and, therefore, staff are paid correctly for the hours they’ve worked. 

If you would like more information regarding our Time and Attendance Systems, or if you’re interested in booking a demo, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our sales team today!