Getting back to work, safely!

The UK Prime minister Boris Johnson has recently revealed the steps set to be taken in order to ease the pandemic lockdown.

Step One includes getting people back in their workplaces if they cannot work from home.

In response, our parent company Tensor has put together a short guide on how our Time and Attendance and Fire Roll Call products can help you keep your staff safe and healthy.

If you are an existing customer who is looking to for help making your site safe, our dedicated Sales Consultants can offer you bespoke advice based on your existing site configuration and equipment. Please contact us to arrange an online consultation.


The Tensor.NET Time and Attendance software is very flexible when it comes to the challenges of shift start and end times and your workforce management. These measures are largely focused on reducing crowding in the workplace, so that you can adhere to a socially distant 2m between employees as much as possible.

• Stagger arrival / departure times (shift start/end times) to reduce crowding in and out: Shifts can either be fixed or flexible and can change automatically based on when an employee clocks in and out by using our auto selection shift system.
 Plan for the minimum number of people needed on site: Using our shift assignment screens you can roster staff based on skills and headcounts within a shift, section, cost centre or department. The software will advise if you would drop below your preferred level of cover on any given day.
• Monitor staff break times to ensure compliance: Use the powerful reporting capabilities within Tensor.NET to monitor staff’s break patterns and, if need be, implement specific policies to reduce crowding in the break rooms.

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As workplaces reopen, evacuations and even drills will become another reason for concern.

Under the new guidelines, all employees will be required to keep a safe distance between them, even during potentially emergency situations. Tensor’s Fire Roll Call system can help you achieve this in two ways:

• Add additional Muster Points for Fire Roll Call: The Tensor system can easily accommodate more muster points, thereby decreasing the number of staff assembling at each point.
• Switch to the Tensor Fire Roll Call App (FRC): When using the Tensor Fire Roll Call app, employees can mark themselves safe from within the app without physically moving to a set muster point. This ensures that employees maintain a safe distance from each other.

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