Furniture Enterprise Streamlines Workforce Management with a Time and Attendance System

In 2018, Hammonds Furniture, a family furniture business specialising in fitted bedrooms, wardrobes and home offices, had replaced their old spreadsheets with a Time and Attendance System.

Founded in Hinckley more than 90 years ago, Hammonds Furniture manages 650 employees across a head office, with 3 manufacturing sites, 50 showroom stores and 17 regional service centres. With the increase of staff and workplaces, the Head of People, Belinda West, struggled with managing staff when it came to recording the actual working time of employees, sickness and absences management and staff holidays. 

Therefore, in 2018, they decided to install a Time and Attendance System with Smart Card Clocking Stations and HR Software System. The latter also includes a Fire Roll Call Management System.

After using the system for 3 years, Belinda West stated that she would recommend the system to other companies because “it’s simple, easy to use and definitely user-friendly. The reports that I get are invaluable in running the business. When I look back at where we were, and where we are now, I think it’s certainly transformed the whole way we manage our staff.”

Smart Card Clocking Terminals 

Our Smart Card Clocking Terminals are an all-in-one Time and Attendance System which include working patterns rules, absence reason codes, fire roll call, job booking, job costing , labour hours analysis and employee messaging. The Clocking Terminal does not require any contact with the smart card, and it works even if the card is inside a wallet or a bag. The technology, as for this case study, has massively improved staff monitoring of numerous companies in the UK, also providing better time management analysis for employers or managers. 

Time and attendance software 

Our Time and Attendance Software allows better control of access on site, labour costs, system security and the ability to set up working rules. It is very user friendly and has a similar interface to Windows which ensures rapid access to all the data. The Software can record an unlimited number of employees with the possibility to add a photograph of each person. 

Fire Roll Call App

Android and iOS compatible, the Fire Roll Call (FRC) App guarantees employees and visitors’ security in case of emergency evacuations in the workplace. It replaces paper-based registrations of on-site employees and visitors, ensuring that all persons inside the work premises are recorded. The app records every person’s position and their safety status in real time. When a person is identified in a safe place, they can be marked as accounted for with the FRC app. 

If you would like further information regarding our time and attendance system, or our time and attendance software, to begin better managing your staff, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our sales team today.