Furloughed employees considering career change, report reveals

Over half of the UK’s furloughed employees are considering career changes, new research by IT management company NTT DATA UK has been able to suggest.

The uncertainty around job security has driven the change, as 60% of respondents said they feared they will not have a job to go back to once the furlough scheme ends. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant effect on the career paths of workers, as 13% of respondents are actively reskilling to change careers.

Those furloughed in the hospitality industry (64%) were found to be most actively considering a career change with 17% are actively using their time to reskill in order to change careers.

In contrast, sectors such as the civil service and government and the financial services industry had higher levels of employee reliability, with 71% and 60% of furloughed workers planning to stay, respectively.

HR experts are urging employers to consult their employees on their future plans if they are concerned about potentially losing valued staff members just as they plan to reopen and consider ways to help convince staff considering leaving to stay.

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