Fire Service Streamlines Operations with a Time & Attendance System

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service first installed Tensor’s time and attendance system in 2008, to help streamline the day-to-day administration side of their operations while helping the HR department deal with the 1,200 members of staff across Lancashire. 

Tensor’s smart card time and attendance system has played a vital role for Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service’s operations ever since. The HR & Payroll Administrator, Amanda Hughes, was full of praise for the smart card time and attendance system when speaking to a Tensor representative recently as she said “It helps so much with accountability. If you want to make sure someone has clocked in and have a system take over the flexi-balance tracking.”

Time and attendance systems for emergency services

Emergency services up and down the UK, from police, ambulance, or fire and rescue services, can all massively benefit from a time and attendance system. Whether they use smart card time and attendance, biometric time and attendance or facial recognition time and attendance, all of these systems are guaranteed to benefit emergency services in their day-to-day operations. 

Smart card time and attendance

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service is the perfect example of how a smart card time and attendance system can streamline operations and help manage a workforce. Using smart card clocking stations, employees are easily able to scan their smart cards which then records the time they clock in or out of their shift on the time and attendance software (explained in more detail below). This then gives their HR department a clear and precise overview of the exact hours worked, making payday a quick and easy task. 

Advanced solutions for blue light services

Just like smart card time and attendance systems, biometric time and attendance as well as facial recognition time and attendance are designed to make the lives of both employees and employers easier when it comes to recording working hours. Both biometric and facial recognition time and attendance is more technologically advanced than using smart card readers. This is because they can distinguish certain facial features, for example, the distance between the eyes or the shape of the chin. Tensor’s facial recognition time and attendance system even works when an employee is wearing a hat and/or sunglasses. 

All time and attendance systems have the ability to work day or night, in any weather condition including both rain and lightning. Biometric and facial recognition time and attendance is reliable and dependable, while also being able to differentiate between a real face and a photograph, eradicating buddy-punching.

Time and attendance software for emergency services

Tensor’s time and attendance software, WinTA.NET, is designed to make your life easier and streamline the day-to-day running of your business. It can be linked with the Fire Roll Call to provide you with an immediate list of who is on site should an emergency evacuation occur. 

Additionally, the Self-Service Module (SSM) is a crucial part of Tensor’s time and attendance software because it allows enrolled employees to clock in or out for time and attendance purposes, book themselves on or off the fire evacuation list (on or off site) via computer or their mobile phone. This is particularly useful for police officers or other emergency service staff members who are out of the office to be able to record an accurate and honest log of their working hours. 

If you would like more information on any of our time and attendance systems, or if you would like to get a quote, then please get in touch with a member of our sales team today who will be happy to help.