Facial Recognition Terminal with Temperature Detection Now Available

Not all workplaces have the luxury of being able to work from home, and many businesses are following the recent UK government advice to bring their furloughed employees back into the workplace if it is safe to do so.

We have been working hard to update our products and ranges in ways which are helpful during the pandemic, from our automated fire roll call app to changing how you manage your shift patterns.

Our latest offering is an automated symptom-screening solution, in partnership with our long-time partner Suprema – a leading global provider of security and biometrics solutions with a Global Sales Network of over 140 countries and more than 1.5 million systems installed worldwide.

We feel that temperature detection is vital as a COVID-prevention strategy because a high temperature is less noticeable than other symptoms, such as a cough, and so may be overlooked by supervisors, or even by the employees themselves. There is also the danger of presenteeism, which is experiencing a resurgence due to the increase in lay-offs before the end of the furlough scheme

The Suprema FaceStation 2 Facial Recognition Terminal with Temperature Detection offers enhanced functionality when running with Tensor.NET:

  • conducts rapid, contactless preliminary temperature screenings. This enables businesses to feel confident in a first-line filter for elevated body temperature. The terminal can be used in office buildings, warehouses, factories, schools, stations, airports and other public areas.
  • generates alerts when detecting elevated body temperatures. This alert can be sent to the health and safety officers within your organisation, and can also be integrated with our access control system to automatically forbid entry to the premises.
  • provides enhanced security with 1 or 2-factor authentication options. You can choose to authenticate employees and visitors using facial recognition alone or facial recognition alongside contactless radio-frequency smart card. EM/HID Prox, MiFare and DESFire card formats are supported.


The Suprema FaceStation 2 Facial Recognition Terminal is accompanied by a Thermal Camera to detect users with elevated skin temperature.

The camera connects to the terminal via an USB interface, making deployment quick and easy on new and retrofit installs.


  • Fast and accurate (≤± 0.5°C (0.9°F)) contactless temperature measurement of a subject’s face using advanced thermography technology, without the need for a reference blackbody.
  • Displays the temperature on a GUI (in Celsius or Fahrenheit) and raises alerts when a higher than threshold temperature is detected.
  • Supports audio and visual alerts with optional alarm, while temperature data can be optionally saved and exported as event logs
  • Combination of face recognition and skin temperature measurement with bypass mode for skin temperature measure only
  • Completely touch-free – Supports extended height range of 145 cm–210 cm for face recognition and distance of 40 cm–80 cm for temperature camera.


Suprema FaceStation 2 Facial Recognition Terminals are among the world’s most compact face recognition stations, offering very high matching speeds, accuracy, and level of security.

Non-Contact Facial Recognition Technology provides a fast, highly accurate biometric solution for:

  • identifying employees and/or visitors
  • granting or denying access to site based on their access rights
  • clocking employees on/off for time and attendance monitoring and fire roll call purposes.

Packed in a compact and an ergonomically-designed structure, these terminals provide exceptional performance and usability for diverse access control and time attendance applications of any size.


  • Contactless, secure and reliable biometric facial recognition technology
  • Very high matching speed (1:3,000 match/sec)
  • Work in all lighting conditions, from complete darkness to all indoor lighting levels (From 0lx to 25,000lx operating illuminance)
  • Support up to 30,000 users, with improved face enrolment procedure
  • Live Face Detection (LFD) feature perfectly blocks spoofing using photograph or 3D printed mask
  • 2-factor authentication with support for Multi RFID Card Reading: MIFARE, MIFARE Plus, DESFire/EV1, FeliCa support
  • Built-in Android 5.0 Lollipop GUI for enhanced security
  • Sleek and ergonomic design, supports user heights between 145cm – 210cm

If you’d like to find out more about the numerous features and extensive level of functionality that we can deliver, just Contact us or Book a Demo.

We provide online product demos, as well as online training once products are purchased, so that no unnecessary physical contact will take place. Our engineers are following a strict social distancing policy during the COVID19 pandemic.