FaceStation2: Facial Recognition Attendance

During this tumultuous year of 2020, we have added a new form of clocking-in attendance technology to our range of UK-leading time and attendance products.

Secure and fraud-proof

The Suprema FaceStation2 Facial Recognition Time and Attendance Terminal enables companies to trust their attendance results rather than using a less secure method such as swipe cards or paper timesheets, which can be easily faked.

Easy to use

The FaceStation 2 is fully supported by the latest versions of our .NET software suite, so can be easily integrated into our full suite of attendance and access control features. Enrolment is quick and easy. The user interface is Android-based and very intuitive. It requires near-zero training for both users and system administrators.

Excellent accuracy

In terms of accuracy, this facial recognition terminal can achieve up to 25,000 lx of operating illuminance, thanks to its patented optical engineering. This allows for excellence standards of facial recognition in all conditions apart from under direct external sunlight.

The terminal can accommodate up to 30,000 users, and can match at speeds of up to 3,000 matches per second. Its Live Face Detection feature helps accurately distinguish real-life faces, avoiding spoofing using photograph or 3D printed masks.

Suitable for all heights

As standard, the facial recognition terminal supports a height range of 145cm ~ 210cm (4′ 9” – 6’10”). An optional tilt bracket can be added to enable the terminal to support users outside of that range, such as wheelchair users.

Temperature Detection

The Suprema FaceStation2 Facial Recognition Time and Attendance terminals now support the addition of a Thermal Camera accessory (available separately) capable of delivering advanced temperature screening capabilities.


For more information on this secure and easy to use attendance management product, please get in touch today.