Employees Looking Forward to Flexible Working Options Continuing Post-Pandemic, Research Suggests

UK workers are looking forward to flexible working options continuing post-pandemic, and are likely to leave their current employment if those would not be on offer, a recent research report has been able to suggest.

The survey found that a third (33%) of UK employees would be prompted to look for a new job if their organisation won’t allow the working environment that they want.  Of this group, 23% would bring it up with senior leadership, and if nothing changed, would look for a new job or plan to leave their organisation. 11% would immediately look for a new job or plan to leave if they weren’t allowed to work how they wanted.

When asked how they would prefer to work once all lockdown restrictions have lifted in the UK, just a fifth (20%) of employees said they are keen to work mainly in an office in the future. The most popular working environment that people want post-pandemic is to be mostly at home, but sometimes in the office, at a quarter (24%) of UK employees.

Full-time employees who have been working at home throughout the pandemic are by far the keenest to remain mainly home-working, but sometimes work at an office – with almost half (47%) saying that it’s their preference.

Just over a tenth (12%) of employees would prefer to work only at home, while a tenth (10%) would opt to be only in the office, showing that employees are overwhelmingly in support of a hybrid working environment post-pandemic.


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