East Molesey Methodist Church Utilises a HeatingSave BEMS to Reduce Bills

church reduces energy bills

It was nothing but positive news for East Molesey Methodist Church when August 2019 saw the completed installation of a brand new HeatingSave Building Energy Management System.

The old Victorian church, situated in Surrey, combines with a school hall and extension, to host religious services and multifunctional events for the local community. With that, it requires a premium maintenance service — one that can monitor and adjust the access, temperature and energy usage of its many rooms.

Ian Pegg, the church’s treasurer, mentioned the church had three main objectives when looking to replace their existing antiquated system: “ease of management, reduce our carbon profile, and improve the comfort level for our users.”

The HeatingSave set-up at East Molesey Methodist Church now has seven different heating zones, so that they can granularly manage the heating of specific areas without — drastically reducing their energy costs. Ian said that he was “very happy with the installation” and cannot wait to see the real fuel savings (and carbon footprint reduction) in the colder seasons once lockdown ends and events return.

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One of the main purposes of church halls is to host a range of events and occasions for local people. These events include pre-school playgroups, art clubs, sports clubs or any other activity that brings people together for recreational purposes, as well as religious and worshipping occasions.

Spaces of this kind are very busy places, being used at sporadic times in the day with some days being busier than others. This can cause large amounts of energy wastage, therefore, skyrocketing heating and energy bills if not managed properly.

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Photo Credit: Hassocks5489