Biometric Time & Attendance – The Future of Clocking Systems

biometric time and attendance

Biometric Time and Attendance Systems are the future of Clocking Systems for businesses going forward. 

This blog explains all there is to know about Biometric Time and Attendance, from how it works, to the many benefits it can have for the way a company is run. 

How does Biometric Time and Attendance work?

A Biometric Time and Attendance system works by scanning biometric features to clock an employee in or out of their shift. These biometric features can be either fingerprints or facial recognition. 

Once the fingerprint or face has been scanned, it is then compared to the database of employee fingerprints or facial readings to then successfully clock them in or out of a shift.

Reasons to use Biometric Time and Attendance

There are many reasons why installing a Biometric Time and attendance System will benefit a business more than both paper timesheets and Smart Card Time and Attendance. These include:

Biometrics is the future of Attendance Management

Installing a Biometrics System, whether that’s for Time and Attendance or even Access Control, will ensure that a business is up-to-date and features the latest form of Clocking In Software.Soon, paper timesheets will be history, and Smart Card Clocking Systems won’t be far behind.

Biometric Time and Attendance does not require anything from employees to work, such as Smart Cards or Key Fobs. All a Biometric Clocking system requires to work is the actual individual to be present with a fingerprint or a face to be scanned, meaning employees can always clock in or out of shifts regardless if they forget to bring their Smart Card.

Biometric Attendance improves accuracy & reliability

A Biometric Time and Attendance System eliminates employee ability to clock each other in and out of shifts. With a Biometric Attendance System, a payroll team can rest assured that the recorded hours they receive every month represent an accurate and reliable set of working hours. This is thanks to a Biometric System ensuring that the actual employee must be present at the time of clocking them in as biometrics cannot be duplicated. This vital factor also eliminates time fraud, meaning members of staff cannot be dishonest about the hours they’ve worked. 

If you would like further information regarding our Biometric Time and Attendance Systems, be that Facial Recognition Time and Attendance or Fingerprint Time and Attendance, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today who will be happy to assist you.