Battersea-Based Youth Club Reduce Energy Bills with HeatingSave BMS

In 2019, The Devas Club decided that they wanted to install a HeatingSave building management system (BMS) in order to save money on their heating and energy bills – as well as reduce their energy waste.

The Devas Club is a youth club based in Battersea, London, offering a vast range of activities for young people aged 8 to 25. With facilities including a gym, recording studio and radio room, kitchen, social areas, a computer suite and an art room, the club caters to all interests of London’s youth. This is all in addition to a gymnasium, rehearsal space and the on-roof basketball court.

Director of Crew Energy, Toby Costin, installed the HeatingSave energy management system and said that the HeatingSave BMS is “a fantastic product that can save money, cut carbon and improve air quality, which is important.” But, as we like to point out, it offers clubs much more…

HeatingSave BMS for time and attendance 

For time and attendance purposes, a HeatingSave building energy management system can fulfill all of your booking management needs. Youth club’s can be very busy places with certain rooms being used at different times of the day. A BMS system not only controls the variable heating required, but it also offers an advanced room booking system which is essential for time and attendance.

The HeatingSave energy management system comes with a full suite of ready-to-use software applications that store minute-by-minute transactions, providing you with the data necessary to control all aspects of the building’s energy usage as well as room occupancy and bookings. The room booking system acts as an effective time and attendance system which allows users of halls and buildings to rent out various areas of the building and control booking logistics, quotations, deposits, and payments. It enables users to specify who has access into which areas of the building at which time, while having easy-to-use software, including a wall planner for a simple visualisation of future bookings.

The room booking system also heats or cools areas when used through the use of occupancy sensors. It gives an automatic calculation of heating times/temperatures to match bookings and optimise energy usage.

Smart card access control

Our smart card readers and smart cards can be linked to this room booking software for time and attendance as well as access control purposes. By using smart card readers for access control, you are able to grant or deny access to specific people into certain areas of the building – depending on the booking situation. This can be made permanent (for staff) or temporary (for customers).

If you would like more information on HeatingSave’s building management system in order to reduce your heating bills today, or if you like the idea of having an incorporated time and attendance system, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our sales team today who will be happy to help.