Remote Working Terminology

Remote working is very visible in the news at the moment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, you may be spotting unfamiliar words in articles and company handbooks. Let’s go through several of the alternate terms and phrases used to describe this way of working. Telecommuting/teleworking This could be called the original word for the […]

A Brief History of Time and Attendance Management

The next time that you swear at your alarm clock, or bemoan clocking into the workplace, be assured that you are part of a long line of time-managed humanity! The gods confound the man who first found     out How to distinguish hours! Confound him too Who in this place set up a sundial To cut […]

Fire roll call – from a distance!

Our fire roll call app enables you to be safe and to stay distant, responsibly. To use this app, you must already have Tensor.NET and the Self Service Visitor Module registered and configured. See the bottom of this article for the specific version numbers required. The app provides real-time lists of who is off-site or […]

Handwashing and how to avoid contact

Hand-washing has been encouraged by the government before any other precaution against coronavirus was brought in, and is still recommended as best practise even amongst the recent more extreme measures. It is particularly vital for the many industries and workers who cannot work from home, such as NHS frontline workers, supermarkets, petrol stations and warehouses. […]

How to Embrace a Remote Workforce

The recent government advice is for everyone to work from home if possible due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many employers will be struggling to figure out how to make this happen for their workforce. Some jobs and industries are unable to work away from their premises, and different precautions and decisions will need to be made there. […]

It’s not Big Brother!

It is very easy for people to demonise time and attendance systems. They assume that the sole purpose and function of this monitoring is to nit-pick employee timekeeping. But a time and attendance system is merely a tool. What matters is what the purchasing company prioritises and how they choose to use it. Monitoring vs […]

New App – Fire Roll Call

The fire roll call feature of our integrated attendance and access management system is now available as an app. This enables fire marshals or other designated people to view exactly who is off or on site during a fire alarm drill or evacuation, and to update the list in real-time. This replaces checking a paper […]

Update: Self-Service Visitor Management App

What is the Self-Service Visitor Management App (SSVM)? If there is no reception area in your workspace, or if there is not a designated receptionist to man it, we can offer you the SSVM. This enables visitors to check themselves in for appointments using a touchscreen. This can send an email directly to the person […]

Timesheet fraud worth $100,000 discovered

A contractor made five false time-sheet claims, scamming the US government out of $100,000 false wages and payments before she was caught. Melissa Heyer was charged with five counts of submitting false timesheets. These claimed that she had been working in a highly classified work environment when she had in fact been working elsewhere. The […]