Facial Recognition Terminal with Temperature Detection Now Available

Not all workplaces have the luxury of being able to work from home, and many businesses are following the recent UK government advice to bring their furloughed employees back into the workplace if it is safe to do so. We have been working hard to update our products and ranges in ways which are helpful […]

Collecting contact details?

We will ask businesses to help NHS Test and Trace respond to any local outbreaks by collecting contact details from customers, as happens in other countries, and we will work with the sector to make this manageable. Prime Minister Boris Johnson If you are a restaurant owner, pub owner, or owner of another type […]

Opening businesses safely

With non-essential shops allowed to re-open in England from next Monday, the 15th June, we are certain that business owners all over the country will be diligently trying to make their workplaces as safe for their employees as possible. General government guidelines suggest that where possible employees should still work from home. If that is […]

New clocking in mobile app features

Our clocking app, called the Self Service Module, enables employees to clock in and out remotely via their mobile phones, and records the times on a centralised system to be displayed to supervisors if desired. As part of our efforts to help companies with their remote workforce management, particularly those who are unfamiliar to the […]

Getting back to work, safely!

The UK Prime minister Boris Johnson has recently revealed the steps set to be taken in order to ease the pandemic lockdown. Step One includes getting people back in their workplaces if they cannot work from home. In response, our parent company Tensor has put together a short guide on how our Time and Attendance […]

Remote Working Terminology

Remote working is very visible in the news at the moment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, you may be spotting unfamiliar words in articles and company handbooks. Let’s go through several of the alternate terms and phrases used to describe this way of working. Telecommuting/teleworking This could be called the original word for the […]

A Brief History of Time and Attendance Management

The next time that you swear at your alarm clock, or bemoan clocking into the workplace, be assured that you are part of a long line of time-managed humanity! The gods confound the man who first found     out How to distinguish hours! Confound him too Who in this place set up a sundial To cut […]

Fire roll call – from a distance!

Our fire roll call app enables you to be safe and to stay distant, responsibly. To use this app, you must already have Tensor.NET and the Self Service Visitor Module registered and configured. See the bottom of this article for the specific version numbers required. The app provides real-time lists of who is off-site or […]

Handwashing and how to avoid contact

Hand-washing has been encouraged by the government before any other precaution against coronavirus was brought in, and is still recommended as best practise even amongst the recent more extreme measures. It is particularly vital for the many industries and workers who cannot work from home, such as NHS frontline workers, supermarkets, petrol stations and warehouses. […]

How to Embrace a Remote Workforce

The recent government advice is for everyone to work from home if possible due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many employers will be struggling to figure out how to make this happen for their workforce. Some jobs and industries are unable to work away from their premises, and different precautions and decisions will need to be made there. […]