Agile time and attendance systems will be vital for SMB survival

Agile time and attendance / workforce management solutions will be vital for the future survival of SMBs, almost half or leaders in this segment believe, a recent survey has been able to reveal. Improving agility is a top priority for European SMB leaders seeking to take advantage of a digitally empowered workplace. According to a […]

Flexible working is increasingly popular with UK workers

Around three quarters of UK employees claim that flexible working benefits would make a job more appealing, and in fact nearly a third would prefer flexible working to a pay rise, a recent market research has been able to suggest. The report from Powwownow points out that the number of employees favouring flexible working is […]

UK companies still optimistic about job creations, despite challenges

UK companies are still optimistic about their prospects to generate jobs in the short-term, building on the UK’s record labour market performance, data published in the latest CBI/Pertemps network group employment trends survey has been able to suggest. The annual survey found that 51 per cent of firms across the UK will grow their workforce […]

Managing sickness absence is easier with the help of a dedicated time and attendance system

Managing sickness absence is always a difficult topic for all members of staff involved in this activity, but a time and attendance system that accurately records and manages time taken off by employees will certainly help. It is a well-known and well-accepted fact that employers have a duty of care towards their employees. If an […]

Time and attendance systems will require extensive remote and flexible workforce management capabilities

Time and attendance systems will require extensive remote and flexible workforce management capabilities in order to keep with the growing demand across the UK’s workforce, for whom flexible work arrangements and remote working options are a priority. More than half — 52% — of HR professionals said their companies currently offer flexible work arrangements to […]

People analytics to become an integral part of HR practice, study predicts

People analytics will become an integral part of HR practice. With 77% of business leaders believing in its importance, HR will use increasingly accessible people data to eliminate subjectivity in business-critical people decisions, recent research by UK employee benefits platform Perkbox has been able to suggest. Nowadays, many organizations are able to comfortably track data […]

Mobile workforce management solutions to record steady growth over the next 5 years

The mobile workforce management solutions’ market is set for a steady growth over the next few years, a recent market research report from ResearchnReports has been able to suggest. Mobile workforce management refers to software and related services used for managing the employees working outside the company premises. The concept focuses on mobile workers and […]

UK staff vacancies continue growing, but pace slows down

The demand for staff continued its sharp growth in November 2017, although the pace has slowed down somewhat due mostly to a softer increase in permanent staff vacancies, a recent IHS Markit/REC Report on Jobs has been able to reveal. Recruitment consultancies reported a further steep drop in permanent candidate availability during November. This was […]

Time and Attendance systems can help mitigate the effect of strike action

Time and attendance systems can help managers mitigate the effects of strike actions by letting them plan ahead and monitor exactly who’s attending said actions, while also receiving alerts should manning levels forecasts fall below a pre-set value. This is becoming increasingly important nowadays, as figures released last month from the Office for National Statistics […]