Governments brings new reforms for agency and zero-hour workers in the gig economy

The government are bringing in new legislation which will offer better protection to workers on zero-hour contracts, agency employees or gig economy workers. These workers will need to be told about their employment rights, like eligibility for sick leave, on their first day in a new role. They can ask for more predictable hours, though […]

NHS time fraud demonstrates timesheet ineffectiveness

There are many reasons for companies to consider buying or upgrading a time and attendance management system. For example, to make the process of running payroll easier, or to be able to spot potentially troublesome absence patterns from one glance at a screen rather than having to flip through calendars or scroll through emails. A […]

Time and attendance systems make it easier to manage seasonal staff

Time and attendance systems are a must-have for companies and organizations that take up a large number of temporary workers for the Christmas period, as they streamline the on-boarding process and also reduce the workloads for HR departments. The demand for temporary workers is at an all-time high at the minute, with fresh research from […]

Failing to accurately record employee attendance can have risky legal consequences, companies are warned

Failing to properly record their employees’ sickness absences could have risky legal repercussions, UK companies are being warned. Market research by a leading global professional services firm Aon has revealed that many employers fail to accurately record their staff’s absence. This poses a legal risk which can negatively impact insurance premiums, increase business risks for […]

Apprenticeships are vital for plugging the digital skill shortages across UK firms, experts believe

Apprenticeship schemes are vital for plugging the digital skills shortages that are likely to affect UK business on the short and medium term, experts believe, as revealed by a new survey. Seventy-eight per cent of businesses taking part in the poll strongly believe that earn and learn training opportunities, including apprenticeship schemes, can help address […]

Vast majority of SMEs are struggling to find the right digital talent

The vast majority of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have a very tough time recruiting digital talent for their business, a recent research report has been able to suggest. In fact, as many as 82% of all the businesses participating in the poll were struggling to attract the skills they need to adapt to digitalisation. […]

Digitalization is driving growth in the workforce management software market, research finds

Digitalization is one of the main driving forces pushing forward growth in the workforce management software sector, a recent report released by TMR Research has been able to suggest. The presence of a younger and more dynamic and diverse workforce is also expected to drive the demand for workforce management. With social advancement within companies […]

Data from Biometric time and attendance system used to hold pay from truant teachers

Data from a biometric time and attendance system has been used to hold pay from teachers who failed to register their attendance on site (or indeed, actually attend the schools’ site), a recent news report has been able to suggest. Staffers of polytechnic colleges across Hyderabad, India, who fail to mark biometric attendance face salary […]

British SMEs express renewed confidence despite Brexit worries

British small and medium enterprises are still confident about their prospects over the next five years despite the possible challenges posed by Brexit, a recent research report published by MetLife UK has been able to suggest. The poll of SMEs with between 50 and 300 employees found 76% are optimistic about their business prospects for […]