Top 5 Reasons Companies Need a Time and Attendance System

In today’s fast-paced business world, it’s essential for companies to optimise their operations and streamline their processes to stay ahead of the competition. One area that can benefit from this optimisation is time and attendance tracking. Here are the top five reasons why companies need a time and attendance system: 1. Accurate Time Tracking A […]

Streamline Your HR Processes with Tensor’s WinTA-NET Time and Attendance Software

Introduction Managing employee hours is a critical aspect of HR, but it can also be a time-consuming and complex process. That’s why Tensor plc offers Winta-Net, a cutting-edge time and attendance software solution that streamlines HR processes and helps organisations manage their workforce more effectively. WinTA-NET’s Key Features Winta-Net is a comprehensive time and attendance […]

How do Businesses use Time and Attendance Systems today?

Time and attendance systems are widely used in the UK to accurately track and record the hours worked by employees. These systems are designed to streamline the process of tracking employee attendance and can be used to monitor everything from arrival and departure times to breaks and overtime. One of the main benefits of using […]

Building Firm Installs Time and Attendance System To Improve Attendance Management

Master Builders Solutions installed a Time and Attendance System to enhance staff time management and receive accurate clocking times for payroll purposes. Master Builders Solutions UK employs over 100 members of staff who are responsible for the manufacturing of concrete additives and ready-mixed concrete plants for customers all over the UK. They have three main […]

Biometric Time & Attendance – The Future of Clocking Systems

Biometric Time and Attendance Systems are the future of Clocking Systems for businesses going forward.  This blog explains all there is to know about Biometric Time and Attendance, from how it works, to the many benefits it can have for the way a company is run.  How does Biometric Time and Attendance work? A Biometric […]

International Bakery Installs Time and Attendance System to Improve Staff Management

Fosters Bakery, based in South Yorkshire, is an international supplier of bakery goods. With over 130 employees responsible for producing first-class bakery products for pubs, restaurants and airports (to name a few) around the world, Fosters Bakery wanted a Time and Attendance System that would allow them to better manage their staff. In the tail […]

Time & Attendance System Steers Automotive Manufacturer in the Right Direction

GSM Automotive is a global manufacturer of interior and exterior vehicle components and assemblies with a heritage reaching back over 30 years. The global manufacturer has a manufacturing footprint which extends over 2 continents, with sites in the UK, Mexico and Poland. With hundreds of employees worldwide, GSM Automotive needed a time and attendance system […]

Furniture Enterprise Streamlines Workforce Management with a Time and Attendance System

In 2018, Hammonds Furniture, a family furniture business specialising in fitted bedrooms, wardrobes and home offices, had replaced their old spreadsheets with a Time and Attendance System. Founded in Hinckley more than 90 years ago, Hammonds Furniture manages 650 employees across a head office, with 3 manufacturing sites, 50 showroom stores and 17 regional service […]

Food Manufacturing Giants Choose Time & Attendance for Workforce Management

KP Snacks have been producing the country’s favourite snacks for over 70 years now, and their site based in County Durham employs around 110 members of staff to help continue their legacy. In order for them to deal with the pressures of maintaining this number of staff and keep up-to-date with HR matters, Miss Kirkbride […]